Protecting Your Hardwood Floor

Safeguarding Your Hardwood Flooring

Installing a hardwood floor is an expensive investment so you will want to give it your best care. Trees, especially trees giving hardwood, are slow growing and take years to produce timber, they are even more exhausting to look after as flooring compared to concrete and other sorts of building products. If you are actually wanting to use real wood for your floor covering, The you will need to know how to look after your floor.

How can you protect your wood floor?

First off avoid too much direct sunlight – the ultraviolet beams from direct sunlight is one of the main reasons hardwood floors come to be discolored eventually. UV radiations perform the very same damage to natural material as it does to your skin layer.

Protect the floor from direct sunlight using window tinting or shades on your home windows or even use drapes. You can utilise sheer drapes so as to not darken the space. Many woods will actually brighten from sunshine direct exposure, while maple and cherry woods will darken in sunlight exposure. To decrease the discoloration process, apply water-based urethane coatings to your floor. Oil-based coatings are OK yet they have a tendency, when given sunlight, to become yellow or golden.

Second, ensure the floor always dries out. Water is actually a hardwood floor’s worst adversary. This can easily permeate right into the product and also result rot or awful spots. You may shield your flooring through administering floor coatings and floor finishing, however these will thin over time so you must reapply consistently.

Wipe up spills immediately and do not leave wet rags on the floor for a substantial period. Also, utilize just a dry cloth to rub your hardwood floor. Certainly never utilize a damp wipe.

Yet another way to secure your wood floor is actually to place furniture glides under the lower legs from heavy furniture so they do not damage the surface when relocated. Flat glides also support the weight from your furniture so they don’t create shallow depressions in your flooring.

These aspects of safeguarding your wood floor are required if you desire it to last longer in than your life time. And also because wood floors, when maintained effectively, could stay on after a century, they undoubtedly deserve to be protected.