Protecting Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are fairly expensive so every effort to guard them must be exercised by owners. Since they come from exhaustible resources, trees, and take years to produce, they have been more tedious to care for and keep compared to concrete forms of flooring. Therefore, if you’re planning to utilize hardwood for the flooring, you ought to prepare yourself with the appropriate protection tools and methods.

How will you protect your hardwood flooring?

First, don’t expose it to too much sun. The ultraviolet rays from sunlight is among key reasons why some hard-wood floors become discolored over time, regardless of its finish or stain. We’re referring to the same ultraviolet rays that cause harm to your skin. UV rays do the same to any sort of material that is organic.

To shield it from your sunlight, install a screen in your windows or utilize drapes. Therefore it’s not too dark in the room, it is possible to use gauzy drapes. There are hard woods that lighten from sunlight exposure, while stuff like oak and cherry will tend to become darker. To slow the discoloration procedure down, apply water-based urethane finishes for your flooring. Oil-based finishes are ok but they have a tendency to turn yellowish or amber when exposed to sunshine.

Second, make sure it is always dry. Water is the worst enemy of a hard-wood flooring. It cause spots and rot and can seep to the material. You are able to safeguard your flooring by applying coatings finish, but take into account that they thin over time so that you’ve got to reapply frequently.

Wipe up spills promptly and don’t leave damp rags on the floor for a span that is long. Also, use just dry cloths to wipe your hard-wood floor. Never work with a damp mop.

A different way to protect your hardwood flooring would be to place felt glides underneath the legs of heavy furniture in order that they do not scratch the area when went. Felt glides also cushion the weight of your furniture so shallow holes aren’t made by them on your floor.

The purpose of protecting your hard-wood floor is this: you’ve got to give it the treatment it requires if you would like it to last longer than your lifetime. And since hardwood floors, when kept well, can remain on even after having a hundred years, they undoubtedly deserve protection.